lunes, mayo 25, 2009

No quiero licencia

Serial number for Poseidon for UML Community Edition - 30-days free testing - Annual Subscription (1 License(s))


*Single User Serial Number Installation* Here is a step by step procedure to install a Poseidon serial number:
1. Download the software from
(Please use JDK/JRE Version 1.5, or use the installers that include a JRE) 2. Copy the key (above) to your clipboard 3. Start Poseidon for UML 4. If the License Manager dialog does not appear automatically,
please select "help" from the menu bar and choose "License Manager"
5. Click on "Paste from Clipboard" and your key will appear 6. Click the "Add" button to finish the process 7. You will have to register to get a final license key (you can register
even if your serial number has expired).
Click on the serial number in the table to select it, then click "Register"
and enter your User Information.
Click "Next" to finish your registration and get the final license
online or via our Website.
If you need support or have any questions concerning our products, please contact us at  

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